As per L.I 1961 of 2009, the District Assembly is to have eleven (11) Departments. Ten (10) out of these are functional. The Department of Trade and Industry is not represented in the District. Departments such as Education, Health and Natural Resource Conservation are yet to be fully decentralized and put under the direct supervision of the District Assembly, a process which is still ongoing. These Departments provide specialized and technical services to the District Assembly. Table below provides a list of Decentralized Departments and their status in the District. shows the organogram of the District Assembly.


Under the stewardship of the District Coordinating Director who is the Administrative Head, the District Assembly continued to coordinate the plans and programmes of Decentralized Departments under it.

The District Assembly has ten (10) functional departments out of the eleven (11) Departments required to be present in a District Assembly under the L.I 1961 of 2009. These departments are mandated under the L.I 1961 to play the following functions in the District: